US President Donald Trump just announced the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris climate change agreement. Trump said he intends to renegotiate a much fairer deal, one that won’t a disadvantage to American workers and businesses.

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Pres. Trump made the withdrawal from the international pact which was signed by hundreds of nations. The move was one of the promises he made during the presidential campaign. According to him, he is staying true to his promise to put American workers first.

Trump also said that if the US can get a better deal, that would be quote, “great.” Otherwise, the country would leave the agreement.

The US President has been given immense pressure by international allies to stay in the climate agreement. The administration said that Trump’s views regarding the subject were evolving.

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In the White House’s Rose Garden, he said he wished to represent to the citizens of “Pittsburgh, and not Paris.” The statement garnered cheers from the crowd present during the announcement.

However Germany, Italy, and France gave statements that the Paris climate deal can’t be renegotiated. A swift outcry was given by other politicians such as former Pres. Barack Obama and Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor. Merkel said she is disappointed by Trump’s decision but she will continue in her efforts to save “Mother Earth.”

Pres. Trump said that the Paris Accord hits the country’s coal industry hard. It would also prove to be too expensive for the country if it continues to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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During the campaign period, Trump claimed that the Paris agreement cost the country and the economy at “least a trillion dollars,” and without any tangible benefit. US Vice President Mike Pence said that Trump wants to put American energy first.

However, Trump’s self-predicted numbers, which reflected a loss of 2.7 million jobs in the year 2025, are most certainly inaccurate. They don’t take into account the normal job rate creation and loss, shifting of jobs towards “greener” sectors, as well as the tangible benefits that can be gained such as clean air and water. What’s more, there would also be a lesser risk of catastrophes and natural disasters along the coastlines of the US.

During the same announcement, he cited that numerous industries have been “down” especially iron, steel, cement, coal, and natural gas.

“Coal miners happen to be close to my heart,” said Trump. Still, Trump failed to note the fact that the industry of renewable energy grew and has already provided more than 50% of the US’s capacity to generate new electricity since 2015.

Trump insists that the environmental progress of the US won’t be derailed upon the withdrawal from the agreement.

“The United States will become the most environmentally friendly and cleanest country on the planet. We are sure to be the cleanest. We will also enjoy the cleanest air and the cleanest water,” said Trump on Thursday. “The country will be environmentally friendly. We will do this without putting the businesses of the country out of work.”