In the aftermath of Saturday night's terrorist attack, more details are starting to emerge. According to British media, the police have already gathered several names. However, the British media is not yet releasing the names due to the request of the police.

Source: ABC

According to British media, one of the attackers is using the European Union or Irish identity card. The news also mentioned that the man may have lived in Dublin for a long period of time, may be of Moroccan descent, and has a wife from Scotland.

British media also stated that the other attacker might have starred in a documentary entitled "The Jihadis Next Door". This man and some other suspects have been filmed in Regent's Park, London praying over an ISIS flag moments before the attack.

Police Conducting Raids and Arrests

Source: ABC

Sunday morning, the police conducted several raids in East Ham in relation to Saturday’s attack. Police have arrested 12 people during the course of the raid. 

Five men and seven women were arrested. A 55-year old woman was released on Monday morning without charges. The rest are still being detained by the police on suspicion of the terrorist attack. According to the law, the police may hold them for two weeks, and then the police have to decide whether to release them or file a charge.
East London is home to many Muslims. This means that women wearing a burka is a fairly common sight.

Source: ABC

The first indication of a possible terrorist attack was around 9:58 P.M. on Saturday. The police were alerted to a rental van that was being driven into the pedestrian lane of the London Bridge. The van continued to the Borough Market, and then three men leaped out from the van. The men started stabbing people inside different pubs and restaurants in the nearby vicinity of the Borough Market.

After 8 minutes of being alerted, the police shot and killed the three attackers. It was then revealed that at least one of the attackers were wearing a fake suicide vest.
By Sunday night, ISIS claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack.

Donald Trump's Tweets

It seems that whenever something big is happening, Trump is always ready to blurt out his signature style of aggressive tweeting. Trump had indicated that the statement made by London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan, which was to not panic was the best he could come up when he was forced to think fast. Trump also added that the "MSM is trying really hard to sell it."

Days before the Saturday attack, London saw an increase of patrolling policemen. Khan then reassured the public that there was "no reason to be alarmed" for the increased police deployment. It was not something that Khan said during or shortly after the Saturday attack.

Despite Trump's criticism, Khan and Cressida Dick, the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, praised the Metropolitan Police for portraying extraordinary compassion, professionalism, and courage in the midst of the attack.

ISIS is claiming responsibility for the attack that claimed the lives of 7 people and injured 48 others. 18 are now considered as critically wounded.