President Trump "doubled down" on his travel ban executive order after the terror attack that happened in London on Saturday night. Trump's executive order banned six countries, which are considered to have ties with terrorists, from traveling into the United States.

Source: NY Times

Trump sent out a number of tweets Monday morning. According to Trump, “The courts, lawyers, and people may call the ban whatever they want to call it.” However, he goes on to say he is sure to call the ban for what it truly is, a travel ban.

Trump then set his sights on the United States Court, which was the reason why his original travel ban order was blocked. Trump also partially blamed the Department of Justice as not fighting "hard enough" to retain the original version of his executive order. Critics of the original version said it was unconstitutionally targeting Muslims.

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According to Trump, "the Justice Department should have submitted the original Travel Ban and not the watered-down version."

Trump also added that "the Justice Department should have pushed for an expedited hearing of the politically correct travel ban before the S.C. and fought for a tougher version."

Last week, the Department of Justice made a petition to the Supreme Court, which is made of 9 panels, about the legality of Trump's executive order. In May, the Supreme Court halted that executive order as it "dripped with religious discrimination, animus, and intolerance."

The Trump administration pledged to take the case to the Supreme Court as the earlier version of it was slapped down in February.


Trump's Monday announcement may complicate the Department of Justice's legal case, especially since the department is making efforts to distance the revised version from the earlier version.

In January, the White House tried to re-frame the use of the phrase "travel ban" when it was first announced and signed as an executive order by Trump.

Sean Spicer, the press secretary of the White House, said that the policy is not a "travel ban," but rather "extreme vetting." However, in May, Spicer began calling it as a travel ban.

Over the weekend, Trump used the same phrase after the terrorist attack in London that happened on Saturday night.

Trump tweeted: "We need to be vigilant, smart, and tough."

Trump also added more tweets saying, "We need the U.S. courts to grant us our rights back. We need this travel ban as an added level of safety."

By Monday morning, Trump seemed to have unleashed a tweetstorm, and it peaked at a tweet that accused the court system of being "political and slow." Trump also added that even if they call it "extreme vetting" and not a travel ban, the court system is still too political and too slow, all while the country's safety is at risk. So, why not call it as it is, a "Travel Ban."

When it comes to bravado style of saying things, Trump seems to be full of it. In fact, just as long as he can say whatever comes to mind, he doesn't seem to care if it’s unconstitutional.