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There seem to be two very different versions of Donald Trump Jr.'s story when he was asked to comment on the incident involving a meeting with a Russian lawyer, which happened in Trump Tower on June.

His latest statement said that he was promised information in relation to Hillary Clinton, and this was not included in his original statement.

His first statement about the case was released on Saturday. It was the New York Times that uncovered that some of the high-profile Trump administration personnel had a meeting with Natalia Veselnitskaya, a Russian lawyer.

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When the media got wind of the story, Trump Jr. admitted that the meeting did take place. However, he claimed it was just a "short introductory" meeting that focused on the subject of Russian children adoption, which was a popular and active topic a few years ago. The practice now ceases to exist as the Russian government ended the program.

However, on Sunday, The Times followed up on the story with new information. According to The Times, Trump Jr. was promised new information that can severely damage Clinton's reputation. Apparently, this promise was the reason why Trump Jr. agreed to meet with lawyer Veselnitskaya, who has known connections to the Kremlin.

The Times noted that three White House advisers knew about this promise. As a matter of fact, they were briefed about it. As of the moment, it is yet unclear if Veselnitskaya did provide damaging information about Clinton.

Source: Business Insider 

Once this detail was brought to Trump Jr., he confirmed that the meeting was partly about the damaging information that Veselnitskaya provided. Trump Jr. also said that he initially believed that the meeting was all about the Russian children adoption issue.

Trump Jr. stated that after the exchange of pleasantries, Veselnitskaya claimed to have information about Clinton. She claimed that some high-profile Russian individuals have been supporting Clinton, which also meant they are funding the Democratic National Committee.

Trump Jr. was quick to point out that Veselnitskaya's statements made no sense, vague and ambiguous. He also added that the woman made no attempt to provide supporting information about her claims.

"It wasn't long until I realized that she had no meaningful information to provide," said Trump Jr.

Trump Jr. also mentioned that Veselnitskaya quickly changed the subject and started to cover issues about the adoption of Russian children.

According to Trump Jr., the lawyer's true agenda was all about the Russian children adoption issue and promising information about Clinton was just a pretext so that the Trump administration would agree to the meeting.

He also added that he quickly interrupted Veselnitskaya and said that he was a private citizen, which means he does not hold any government position.

Trump Jr. stated that the meeting only lasted for about 20-30 minutes and that President Trump had no knowledge about the meeting.