When it comes to Trumpcare, it seems that everything is dead on the water. Upon hearing about this, Trump quickly turned to his favorite persuasion tool. Specifically, Trump broadcasted a tweet which is clearly trying to pressure the Republican lawmakers to push the new healthcare bill.

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According to Trump's tweets, he is in disbelief that the Congress would dare leave Washington without passing and approving a new and beautiful healthcare bill. 

Mitch McConnel, the Senate Majority Leader, is facing opposition on both sides when it comes to his new draft of the Trumpcare, formally known as the Better Care Reconciliation Act.

For the conservative members like Mike Lee and Ted Cruz, they don't believe that the new Trumpcare version pushed hard enough in repealing the Obamacare. Furthermore, they would like to see more pushbacks in the regulatory department.

For the moderates like Deal Heller and Susan Collins, they believe that the new version of Trumpcare cuts too deep into the regulatory changes and Medicaid.

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Even the leaders who are highly influential like John Hoeven and Jerry Moran have already expressed doubts about the success rate of Trumpcare on becoming a bill.

While Trumpcare may be on life support, the upcoming month-long recess in August is not helping things. In fact, McConnell formally declared that the upcoming August recess is the unofficial deadline for Trumpcare. If it does not pass into a bill after the recess, Republicans will have to forgo Trumpcare and must work with the Democrats on a bill that stabilizes the individual insurance market on the short-term.

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Ever since most people heard about Trumpcare, the news seems to revolve around "stalled-out." In fact, Republicans do realize that Trumpcare is facing too many stall-outs that 10 GOP leaders wrote a letter to McConnell, requesting to delay the August recess so the Republican Party can successfully work through their agenda; this translates to working on Trumpcare.

Priebus added that it may happen during or before the August recess, but they are working behind Trump to ensure that the Senate can fulfill its promises to the citizens of the United States. Priebus may be carrying his own brand of optimism, but critics are very doubtful about Trumpcare ever succeeding as a bill. According to the critics, the proposed bill creates even more serious problems.

For one, critics are pointing out that Trumpcare does not eradicate the pre-existing conditions mandate but it eradicates employer and individual mandates. In the first place, the mandates are bad, but with this kind of setup, it is logical to assume that the premiums will skyrocket.

Another big problem is that Trumpcare seems to breed a new entitlement program. According to critics like Daniel Horowitz, the age-based tax credits proposed by Trumpcare only encourages entitlement. This is something that's easy to spot when you realize that the younger citizens are only getting $2,000 worth of tax credits, while older people get $4,000 worth of tax credits and may even reach $14,000.