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If you have been reading the news lately, it looks like most eyes are on Trump Jr. and the Russian lawyer. However, everybody seems to be facing the facts according to what Trump Jr. is saying - that is, a meeting about adopting Russian children. Another rumor that’s being going on is the baiting of Trump Jr. with the promise of dirt on Hillary Clinton - so he would agree to the meeting (which according to Trump Jr. amounted to nothing).

It's possible that the Russian government and Russian oligarchs were desperate to repeal the Magnitsky Act, and the Russian lawyer was just an emissary trying to lobby for that. It's also possible that the Russian lawyer had no dirt on Hillary Clinton whatsoever, and it was just a dishonest pretext so Trump Jr. would agree to the meeting.

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There's just one problem with the entire story: the people who are saying that nothing came out of such meeting are the very same people who are involved in the meeting. While the story they have been telling us might be true, it's also very possible that they have collaborated and fed us a story they want us to believe. And, let's be frank here, the Trump administration isn’t exactly a shining example of transparency.

To further complicate the matter, Trump Jr.'s story makes no sense; or at the very least, he's an extremely annoying guy to work with. Trump Jr. considers the meeting as "courtesy" but also pulls out Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort from their daily tasks to join him in the "courtesy" meeting. Is this a routine for Trump Jr.?

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Are we skipping on something here? Let's focus a bit on Trump Jr. and Goldstone, the music publicist who facilitated the meeting between Trump Jr. and the Russian lawyer. The pretext was Russia had information on Hillary Clinton, and it's their way of supporting Trump. While it's easy to claim that the meeting amounted to "nothing," everybody seems to forget the fact that Trump Jr. was in contact with the Russian government and, at the very least, was interested in the kind of help they could offer.

Again, maybe you’ve missed it, so here it is - Trump Jr. was open to the idea of Russians helping his father's presidential campaign. Here's something more disturbing: this is the world of politics, and there's no such thing as "free help."

Here's another angle to the story: when Trump Jr. pulled out Kushner and Manafort, neither turned down Trump Jr. They could have easily said, "buzz off, we have an administration to run." It's highly plausible both of them knew that the Russian meeting had something big to offer and it was worth their time. Another disturbing implication: both Kushner and Manafort were "open" to Russia's help.

So, let's consider these people lied and actually had valuable information from the Russian lawyer, the next disturbing question is - what does Russia want in return for the "help"?