The approval rating of President Donald Trump hit an all-time low mark. According to a brand new poll released on Sunday, it has been the lowest among all the other Presidents during their first six months of service.

Source: Politico

The survey conducted by the Washington Post and ABC News found that only 36% of the American people approve Trump’s job performance. There was a drop of at least 6 points to the job approval rating of Trump for his 100-day mark of being the President of the United States. Aside from Trump, the only other President who approached such low numbers for the 6-month presidency mark was Gerald Ford - in February 1975, he had an approval rating of merely 39%.

As for the current President, the poor approval rating is largely because of the Russia investigation. However, this doesn’t exclude the perceptions of people regarding the ability of Trump to lead the country. In addition, the populace were also saying he doesn’t represent the majority of the American people on overseas trips. Add that to the proposed healthcare bill of the Republicans, and it's already clear why people aren’t happy.

Source: CNN

According to surveys, more than 60% think that Donald Trump Jr. shouldn’t have decided to meet with the Russian lawyer during last year's presidential campaign; 60% also said they think Russia actually meddled in last year's presidential race. More than 65% said they believe the President's aides were the ones responsible for this.

The Democratic Party also received negative marks: Only 37% of the polled American citizens said that the party still stands for something; And at least 50% said the party only stands for anything that’s against Trump.

Source: BBC

Participants were split on Trump's ability to handle the economy (43% to 41%). The poll was taken by 1,001 adults from July 10th to July 13th. During this time, the controversy on the meeting of the Russian lawyer and Trump campaign members intensified.

Trump doesn’t seem fazed at all by the results of the poll: "The Washington Post/ABC Poll is the most inaccurate survey during election time. Still, 40% is not bad at all especially during these times," he wrote. The president also tweeted throughout the entire Sunday morning, and blasted protesters of US Women's Open, Hillary Clinton, and the Russian connections.

"Hillary Clinton can acquire the questions for the debate and delete thousands of emails. My son, Don, on the other hand, is being scorned for a single meeting," tweeted Trump. A few minutes later, he added: "I give my thanks to Michael Caputo, my former campaign adviser, for saying that no Russian collusion ever happened during the presidential race".