Trump’s criticism on Jeff Sessions continues to happen. Source: News Week

President Trump has continued his criticism on the Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. Trump took it as a problem when Session decided to recuse himself in the Russian investigation. On Tuesday, the president tweeted:

“So where is the investigation A.G.”

This tweet came just a few days after reports emerged saying the Democrats had worked with Ukrainians to try and sabotage Trump’s presidential campaign. More than that, the President is also on record criticizing Sessions for taking what he called “a very weak position” on Hillary Clinton’s crimes. Trump noted that the failure by the A.G. to launch an investigation into the deleted e-mails at the DNC server was also weak.

Sessions was also questioned by the President for his failure to look into possible ties between the Clintons and Russia. Trump asked on Twitter.

“Why weren’t the committees and investigators looking into crooked Hillary’s crimes and Russia relations?”

In addition, the President urged the A.G. to launch investigations in leaks within the National Intelligence Service.

Sessions was a big supporter of Trump during the presidencial race, but now it seems like they’re on a battle. Source: Yellow Hammer News

There has been rumors over the last couple of days that Sessions could be on his way out. Trump and his team are reported to be discussing replacement options for the A.G. who was confirmed just few months ago.

Sessions was a big supporter of Trump during his early days as a presidential candidate. Analysts note that while it’s not normal for the President to undermine his Attorney General in public, it could be a message for him to resign and leave the A.G.’s office. It has also been said that despite the shortcomings Sessions has had during his time in the office, it’s quite disheartening to see Trump go after such a loyal supporter. Sessions has made it clear he’s not going to resign as A.G. and it seems like a battle between the White House and his office is getting started.

It remains unclear whether Sessions will resign his position or not. Source: Washington Post

The White House Communication Director admitted to journalists that’s possible the President was rooting for Sessions’ resignation. Trump has taken issue with many people ever since he came into power: the Clintons, the DNC, and even the mainstream media. However, he hadn’t been against his own people until the moment.

Sessions was brought in as the A.G. due to his loyalty, but it seems the President isn’t happy with the work performed so far. The Russian investigation has been a big story for his administration, and even when it looks like the story is about to die, more revelations keep coming! It’s not clear whether Sessions will resign, but there’s no doubt it appears a fallout with the President is inevitable at this point.