President Trump tries to “bring back” the US culture. Source: The Star

Andrew Breitbart was quoted saying that indeed politics is nothing but a downstream of culture. Although for some time the Republicans within the establishment haven’t done much to defend America’s culture, President Trump’s already making a mark in the country’s political arena by returning the US back to its culture.

Here’s how he’s done it so far:

1. The ban on transgenders in the military

The President’s decision to ban transgenders from the military is a clear message from Trump that the US military should only focus in defending the country, and not taking part in social justice engineering. The idea that the military should be spending time and money in doing gender reassignment for the affected men and women takes away the required focus in defending the nation.

2. Trump has reinstated the “Mexico City Policy” and strengthened it

The US President works hard to get his vision of how the American culture should be! Source: PRI

The Mexico City Policy is a policy in which organizations including NGOs funded directly by the US government are prohibited from participating in abortions or related activities overseas. This is an indication that the President is indeed pro-life, something that many establishment republicans haven’t quite shown.

3. Executive order on protecting religious freedom

The President has also ordered the Attorney General to provide guidance on all federal agencies on how to interpret religious liberty. Even though this isn’t a big move, it signals that there’s some level of intent from the President’s part to protect religious liberty in the US.

4. Trump has overturned Planned Parenthood funding introduced by Obama

The Planned Parenthood legislation was signed by President Obama in his last days in office and was designed to force states to provide funding and grants for family planning. The states are also supposed to offer grants to abortion providers. However, the current President has overturned this in favor of a program that promotes health clinics and safe family planning.

5. Supreme Court Nomination of Justice Neil Gorsuch

Trump tries to appoint people with moral values to work with him. Source: Slate

The appointment of Gorsuch was welcomed by many pro-life constitutionalists who saw the move as a statement from the President to maintain the pro-life and constitutionalism values.

6. Appointments at the Department of Health and Human Services

The appointment of former Republican Tom Price was Trump’s first big move. Price is a pro life physician, and this was a major shift from the former secretary appointed by Obama. The former secretary was responsible for running Obamacare and also the HHS’s family planning programs - programs which mandated employers to provide funding for family planning and abortion for their employees.

7. Trump has vowed to protect law enforcement

The President has made it clear he’ll stand with law enforcement. Last week he delivered a strong message warning gangs around the country he’ll work with the law enforcement agencies to restore safety in American streets.

These are basically some of the things that US President, Donald Trump, has done so far to return the US to its culture. There’s no doubt more is still to come.