Steve Bannon says President Trump has a good chance of being re-elected. Source: Deadline

Trump will win re-election if he keeps his campaign promises.

These are the sentiments of Steve Bannon, the former White House strategist and a key supporter of President Donald Trump. Bannon had a whiteboard in his office that contained a list of promises made by Trump during the campaign.

However, he left his post at the White House a few weeks ago. Bannon has since been replaced by what many have called a globalist bureaucrat who may not be the greatest fan of Trump’s America-first agenda.

This is what happened:

In an interview with CBS, Bannon said that if the president will make good on his promises, his approval ratings could go to about 47%. He said that Trump has been trying to keep the campaign promises he made to his supporters.

The former White House strategists added that if indeed the president keeps on this path, it’s likely that he will not only win by a landslide in 2020 but may as well increase the numbers in the Senate. Bannon also noted that the president could do very well in 2018.

Bannon is still a key supporter of President Trump. Source: The Guardian

Steve Bannon was a key member of the Trump presidency and it seems he still has confidence in the president. In the CBS interview, he stated that Trump’s ratings were not that bad. In fact, Bannon argued that at 38%, the approval could easily rocket if he builds the wall along the southern border.

There’s more:

Bannon also added that there are still so many campaign promises that are not yet delivered. At an approval of 38%, Bannon feels that if these promises were to be fulfilled by 2020, then the president will be in a position to win the re-election.

Bannon believes that President Trump could unite all Americans and legal immigrants. Source: The Guardian

Bannon has banked on the idea of economic nationalism to rally and galvanize support for the President. He said that the ideology was an attractive prospect for about 65-70% of the population. Bannon added that this is the foundation that America was built on and if Trump continues to pursue such an agenda, he will be able to unite all Americans as well as legal immigrants to support his 2020 candidature.

Bannon feels that the economic nationalism idea could become a strong movement that will make the country great, more united, and more powerful than it has ever been.

Trump’s presidency so far has come under sharp criticism from Democrats after a number of legislative and executive actions. The tough talk on immigration, trade protectionism, and tax reforms seen during the campaign appear to have toned down.

Trump’s approval ratings have also plummeted. Although presidents tend to lose approval ratings after entering the oval office, compared to many presidents before him, Trump has simply underperformed as far as ratings go. Whether Bannon is right or not remains to be seen but the upcoming midterms in 2018 could prove to be a test on where Trump is headed.