Mark Cuban is seriously considering running for president in 2020. Source: Sporting News

These days, everybody knows Mark Cuban. The Shark Tank star and Dallas Mavericks owner is getting a lot of face time on social media and news outlets. It seems that Mark Cuban is on a roll as he's getting even more face time with his recent statement about running for President in 2020.

According to the business mogul, he would run for president and challenge Trump in 2020 if he was single. This was his comment during his interview with the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Mark Cuban said that with his wife in the picture, he is still unsure of the 2020 presidential bid.

Cuban says he has a healthcare solution in mind that has a good chance of working. Source: Conservative Book Club

Mark Cuban showed hints of how he'd like to run the country. He commented that he prefers to have a smaller government. Also, he thinks that he has a healthcare solution in mind that has a good chance of working.

In another interview with Bakari Sellers, the former South Carolina Representative, Mark Cuban teased Sellers saying that he is seriously considering the idea, and then he said he's not yet ready to commit.

On the same day, Mark Cuban had an interview with CNBC. During the interview, he said that he is "actively considering" the idea. Then, he added that there's a 90% chance that he won't run.

Mark Cuban also said that looking at the situation of the White House, the United States, and the world, it's easy to think that we all need better leadership.

Cuban thinks he can do better. The problem is that it's not just about doing a better job, there are a lot of other things that he needs to think about. This is the reason why the business mogul is not yet ready to make any commitments. He also noted that being a president is not his all-time dream.

When it comes to the Trump administration, Mark Cuban was on both sides of the fence at one time or another. During the Republican primary, Cuban was open to Trump running for president. He then supported Hillary Clinton. These days, he is very critical of how Trump is running the country.

While he says there’s a 90% chance he won’t run for president, he is still actively considering it. Source: Indy Star

Mark Cuban is never shy when it comes to saying what's on his mind about the Trump administration. Recently, he pitched in his two cents about Trump's reaction to players kneeling down during the national anthem. He also gave his opinion on the Republican Tax Reform proposal.

An August poll showed that Trump is being overtaken by Cuban for the 2020 presidential bid.

Mark Cuban sent an email to Business Insider in which he stated that the idea is always entertaining. He also added that he would only run for president if he has solutions for the difficulties of the working family, a solution for healthcare, and a way to reduce the problems of the entire country.

"If I have something to bring to the table, then I will run for president. As for now, the idea is in the realms of active consideration," exclaimed Cuban.