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Michael Bloomberg recently commented that he thinks Brexit is the stupidest thing that a country has ever done. Bloomberg was quick to add that the only thing that’s more stupid than the Brexit is the election of president Trump.

Bloomberg used to serve as the New York City Mayor apart from being a media mogul. He’s also not shy when it comes to voicing out his opinion about Britain's move to leave the EU.

According to Forbes, Bloomberg is worth around $47.5 Billion. Forbes also reported on Mr. Bloomberg's sentiments about Brexit. According to the media mogul, "It's really difficult to grasp how a country that is doing great has the desire to do something that will ruin it."

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Michael Bloomberg recently visited London to open the European headquarters of the Bloomberg Media Company. Bloomberg's company employs around 40,000 people worldwide, 4,000 of which are based in the London headquarters.

His sentiments about Brexit during the launching of UK Bloomberg headquarters are more or less the same. You could even see that Michael Bloomberg was showing signs of regret regarding his investment in London.

According to a recent interview, Bloomberg stated that they are opening two brand new buildings for the Bloomberg headquarters. These are two expensive buildings invested in the UK.

"Would have I chosen to invest in the UK knowing that they were going to leave the European Union? Probably not. But we're here already, and we're happy with the progress," exclaimed Bloomberg.

Bloomberg added, "My ex-wife was from the UK, and my daughters have UK passports. We love the UK. You could say it's also the father of the United States. Nevertheless, UK is not doing good. There's also no easy way for everyone in this situation. If the UK would not pay the penalty for leaving, then there's no stopping for every country that wants to leave. It would be a long-shot to claim that they can get a good deal."

Bloomberg also added, "While I may claim that the Brexit is a stupid move, I must admit that we just Trump'd it."

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According to him, because of Brexit, some of his brightest employees are seeking to move to a different country. He also believes that Trump and Brexit supporters are unfriendly towards immigrants.

Bloomberg stated that this Trump and Brexit situation is only going to hurt the US labor force and the UK.

"We already have many hard working employees who say that they love to work for our company, but do not want to deal with the local people. So, we have a growing transfer request from our labor force."

Bloomberg is currently active at moving resources away from Europe.

His final stance on the subject is that Brexit is not going to be easy, and it's going to be painful for the country. It will also hurt industries. People are already moving away from the UK because of it.