Last Wednesday, House Democrats faced reporters and publicly announced that they will try to impeach president Trump. This is not the first time that Democrats have voiced their sentiments against Trump. In fact, there are already three impeachment efforts that have happened until now.

House Democrats are going to try to impeach President Trump. Source: The Petition Site

Impeachment can be tricky, which is why it usually proceeds at a painfully slow pace. Out of the three major impeachment efforts, only one has been given an official legislative number.

Nevertheless, listed below are the three efforts for Trump's impeachment.


Sponsor: Representative Brad Sherman

HR438 is an impeachment effort introduced by Brad Sherman. Source: Just Plain Politics

The HR438 was introduced by California representative, Brad Sherman, on July 12th. Brad Sherman's article of impeachment is largely based on Trump's firing of James B. Comey, the former FBI Director. 

According to Brad Sherman, Comey’s firing is a violation of Trump's oath to the office. Brad Sherman was also quick to point out that Trump himself admitted that his biggest reason for firing Comey was because Comey would not alter the course or close the investigation of Russia's involvement in the 2016 Presidential election.

Al Green’s Articles of Impeachment

Sponsor: Al Green

Texas representative, Al Green, introduced his Articles of Impeachment on Oct. 17th. Al Green's gist against Trump was not related to the Russian Investigation. Instead, Al Green's office produced four separate charges against Trump. By far, Al Green's strongest case is based on how Trump's administration is handling race relations.

First Article: Trump produced a record of inciting race-baiting, xenophobia, hatred, bigotry, sexism, and white supremacy. Al Green also accused Trump of racism, and disparaging and disrespecting certain minorities and women.

Second Article: By refusing to condemn white supremacists, Trump is associating the presidential chair with neo-nazism, white nationalism, anti-semitism, racism, bigotry, and white supremacy.

Third Article: Trump engaged in perfidy by publicly making claims that 3 to 5 million people voted illegally during the 2016 presidential election.

Fourth Article: Trump's speech for police officers in July amounted to the encouragement of law enforcers to violate constitutional rights of accused suspects.

Steve Cohen’s impeachment effort lists quite a few reasons why the president should be impeaced. Source: Huffington Post

Steve Cohen’s Articles of Impeachment

Sponsor: Steve Cohen

Steve Cohen, the Tennessee representative, introduced his articles of impeachment on November 15th. When it comes to Steve Cohen's articles of impeachment, he is arguing that the president should be removed from the presidential seat over almost everything, from his tweets to how they handled the 2016 presidential campaign elections.

First Article: Trump obstructed justice by intervening on the Russian probe.

Second Article: Trump's refusal to be transparent when it comes to his real estate holdings and finances is depriving Americans of the assurance that the president is working on their behalf. This is a violation of Article I, Section 25 of the United States Constitution.

Third Article: Trump violated the emoluments clause because he continues to benefit from his business and real estate holdings while being president.

Fourth Article: Trump sought to undermine the Federal Judiciary's independence by criticizing any judge who'll make rulings against him.

Fifth Article: Trump sought to undermine the press, which is guaranteed under the First Amendment.