Trump is facing opposition from a very unlikely source. Source: Ad Week

Cards Against Humanity is a unique card game that is often described as "dirty." Some even consider it offensive, and the company has a tradition of doing an annual PR stunt.

Last year, the company dug a giant hole, spending $100k in the process. When asked about the purpose of the giant hole, they simply answered "because we can."

This year, Cards Against Humanity announced their latest PR stunt. This time, they are getting political. The target? President Trump and his proposed $20 billion border wall. Fortunately for the company, they have some very good lawyers who specialize in property laws.

The CaH guys are getting political, and it’s not the first time. Source: FFXIV Pro

Forget about the idea of Mexico paying for the wall, unless the entire Mexican population happens to have mass amnesia regarding the racist remarks made by Trump. Card against Humanity intends to stop the process outright through the purchase.

The bottom line is that Mexico is not paying for the wall, so taxpayers in the US will be the ones who'll have to pay the bill.

Cards Against Humanity decided to take matters into their own hands. They just purchased acres of vacant lots that sit between the Mexico and the United States border. This means that if Trump wants to continue building the wall, he would have to zig-zag around the company's lots. Unless of course, the government simply takes away the land based on an "eminent domain" ruling.

Cards Against Humanity knows about this which is why they are retaining an army of attorneys that specialize in "eminent domain."

According to Cards Against Humanity, they have only one purpose for buying the acres of land, and that's to delay the border construction as much as possible and make it even more expensive for Trump.

Cards Against Humanity vs. the Cheeto in Chief. Source: CNN

Will Cards Against Humanity Succeed?

According to legal experts, they have very slim chances.

In the United States Constitution, there's a ruling about "eminent domain." Whereas with this ruling, the government has every right to acquire a privately-owned lot.

That's just the short answer. The long answer is that Cards Against Humanity may succeed. According to legal experts, "eminent domain" can only be exercised if the government is planning to use the land for the good of the public.

What Cards of Humanity can do is challenge the claim of the government if it ever tries to grab their land. In fact, Cards Against Humanity can challenge the government at every step. Hence why so many plots of land have been purchased.

Legal experts say that all the company has to do is cause delays, delays, and more delays. Given that Trump has only a specific amount of years to serve as the president, the delays can easily outlast Trump's presidential term. The next president will (hopefully) most likely cancel the project.

Cards Against Humanity is a self-owned business. They don't rely on big store brands to push their product and that means that they can afford to be a bit trashy. In fact, Cards Against Humanity called president Trump a quote “preposterous golem who is so afraid of the Mexican people that he wants to build a ridiculous wall that everyone knows won't achieve anything, except burn a major hole in taxpayer's pockets.”