Warren is making waves with scores of young people and making appearances on media. Source: US News

Senator Elizabeth Warren has hit back at president Donald Trump after he called her “Pocahontas.” Trump made the comment during an event honoring Native American veterans. It’s not the first time though that the president is using this label to describe the Democratic senator. The derisive label has its roots on past events when Elizabeth Warren was accused of claiming to have Native American heritage without any proof. The senator had listed her name as a minority in the Association of American Law Schools directory. The claim sparked a lot of controversy during Warren’s 2012 senate run but she ultimately pulled through.

Speaking during an interview with MSNBC, the Massachusetts senator slammed the president for using the nickname. Warren termed the nickname as unfortunate. She added that it was sad that the US president could not make it through an event honoring veterans without throwing in a racial slur. The Democratic senator also noted that the nickname was a ploy by the president to shut her up. Elizabeth Warren has been one of the fierce critics of the Trump administration. However, the senator made it clear that she remains undeterred.

Trump made racially insensitive remarks while in the company of native Americans. Source: VOX

Trump’s use of the word ‘Pocahontas” directed towards senator Warren has been criticized from different quarters. Some members of the Native American community have slammed the president for this. Some members of his Party have also followed. Pocahontas was actually the daughter of a 17th century indigenous Native American chief.

Elizabeth Warren has always responded every time the president targets her with a nickname. The Massachusetts senator has maintained that the slur is simply a diversionary tactic designed to deflect attention away from the real issues that Trump administration is facing. Despite criticism, Trump has not shown any remorse. Besides, the president rarely calls Warren by her real name.

Many politicians are embarrassed by the president’s actions. Source: Mashable

The White House event was organized to honor the Native American code talkers. The code talkers played a key role in ensuring US military victories on the Pacific Ocean during World War II. The talkers were largely used to send important information to troops. They had developed a secret coded language that was unfamiliar to the enemy. This proved very helpful to the US military at the time.

During the White House event, Trump termed the veterans as very special people. The president also commended them for their bravery. However, it was the “Pocahontas” slur that grabbed the attention of most people including the mainstream media.

Nonetheless, some Americans have come to Trump’s defense including his own son Eric Trump. In a media briefing at the White House, press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders saw nothing wrong with the word. Sanders added that a lot of people actually found it offensive that Warren could lie about her heritage in order to advance her career.

There is no doubt that we have not heard the last of this. It will not be a surprise if the president takes on Warren again using the same nickname in a future event.