President Trump accused Democratic lawmakers of treasonous action for not applauding. Source: USA Today

US president Donald Trump revived his attack on Democratic lawmakers on Monday during his speech at a factory in Ohio. The president referred to the incident where Democrats didn’t applaud him during the State of the Union address as un-American and treasonous. Trump was speaking at the Sheffer Corporation, a pneumatic and hydraulic company based in Cincinnati. The company had earlier announced an unconditional $1,000 bonus for its 126 employees following the passage of the GOP tax bill.

Trump used the tax cuts to deliver an important message to his supporters. The White House believes that tax cuts will add more money to American pockets and will create a healthy environment for increased investments in the country. However, while the president was touting his economic success, the US stock market was in free fall. The Dow lost 1,000 points on Monday although it’s still trading higher than a year ago.

Trump saw the rise in the stock market as a cumulative effect of his economic policies. Source: NY Mag

Donald Trump talks very often about the stock market. Previous presidents have usually stayed clear of the ups and downs of the financial markets. However, during the bullish run seen for the better part of 2017, the president couldn’t help but take credit. Trump saw the rise in the market as a cumulative effect of his economic policies and was never shy to tout this success on Twitter or in any event that he was speaking at.

However, the president never spoke of the free fall during the Monday address. Instead, he focused largely on the economy and later digressed to attack Democrats. At one point, the president said that he didn’t want to look up to where Democratic lawmakers were sitting during the State of the Union address. Trump was puzzled why the Democrats didn’t clap even for what according to him was positive news for Americans.

However, despite this lengthy rant, political analysts were getting a picture of how the president might campaign for the upcoming midterms. The Republicans are expected to ride the economic victory wave during the election. Gains made in the economy and the Republican tax cuts will be huge drivers.

These follow-up atacks on Democrats will do more harm than good. Source: Business Insider

But there is no time for complacency. Trump himself said that the GOP has in the past suffered major setbacks in midterms due to voter complacency. The stakes couldn’t be higher this time. The simple majority that the GOP enjoys in the House and the Senate is crucial for pushing Trump’s agenda.

Trump also took some time to attack senior Democratic lawmakers. He, in particular, singled out New York Senator Chuck Schumer and California Senator Nancy Pelosi saying that they had lost touch with ordinary people. The State of the Union address by the president received a lot of praise for striking a reconciliatory note in what is already a divided House and country. However, these follow-up attacks on Democrats will do more harm than good to White House’s efforts to bring the house together on crucial matters.