Trump made many statements regarding gun conctrol, the NRA, and video games. Source: AV Club

The debate on gun violence in the US has been attracting many opinions, and the President also gave his thoughts on the matter during a White House meeting with victims of gun violence in the US. Trump said that the increasing wave of gun violence is directly caused by violent movies and videos games.

He said that it was time to prevent this exposure, and suggested a rating system. However, what the President doesn’t seem to know is that a rating system already exists. Trump was speaking during a meeting at the White House, discussing school safety in the wake of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting where 17 people were killed.

More and more Americans press for gun control. Source: New York Post

The shooting has sparked widespread calls for increased gun control in the US. However, the President sees things differently. In the White House meeting, Trump said that he thinks that the level of violence in video games is really shaping the thoughts of young people. The President also noted that in addition to these games, kids were exposed to violent content from movies too. Trump sees this as the root cause of gun violence in the country.

Reaction from the public couldn’t be more sarcastic. A few tweets from politically aware citizens appeared to ridicule the president. The fact that Trump was not aware that there was a rating system for video games and movies caught the attention of many people on social media.

Despite all this, the often highly polarizing gun control debate will not go away anytime soon. A number of high profile corporations are taking a stand on the matter too. Just the other day, leading gun retailers in the US Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods announced that they would no longer sell assault-style rifles in their stores. The two retailers said that the move came as a response to the Florida shooting.

The video game rating system was set into motion by the ESRB on Sept. 1, 1994. Source: Digital Spy

Other companies have also shown some level of intent in dealing with gun violence by cutting ties with the NRA. Some of the notable corporations that have taken this decision include Delta, one of the biggest airlines in the US, Hertz, United Airlines, and MetLife among others.

President Trump has made it clear that he is ready to support some form of gun control legislation moving forward. He also added that he will propose stricter background checks. However, it’s not clear whether the GOP controlled Congress will approve any key changes in current gun laws.

Just a few hours ago, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell refused to commit to a Senate debate on gun control. However, McConnell said that this is something that can be done at another time.

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting appears to have generated a lot of anger among right-wing Americans. The push for stricter gun control has never been bigger than it is now. All eyes are now on the White House and Congress as the clamor for gun reform continues in the country.