President Donald Trump threatened that he will “get involved” if the DOJ and the FBI don’t start doing their job. Source: Independent

President Donald Trump threatened on Thursday during a campaign rally that he will “get involved” if the Department of Justice and the FBI don’t start doing their job. This statement comes just days after the president said during an interview with Bloomberg that Attorney General Jeff Sessions will remain in office until after the November midterms. According to Trump, what’s going on with the FBI and the Justice Department is a “total disgrace.”

The president became very angry towards the Justice Department and his own Attorney General Jeff Sessions after he recused himself from the Robert Mueller investigation. Trump has referred to the investigation as the greatest witch hunt in the US history and claims that the alleged collusion with Russia is a creation of Democrats and the “deep state” designed to undermine his legitimacy.

Trump accused the media of not giving enough scrutiny to Hillary Clinton. Source: News18

Trump has also lamented about what he considers as “selective” application of justice. At one point he claimed that the Justice Department was too busy targeting Republicans with unending investigations while “suspects” on the “other side” were walking free. Hillary Clinton, in particular, has been occupying president’s mind. During the rally in Indiana, Trump accused the media of not giving enough scrutiny to Hillary Clinton arguing that the former Democratic presidential candidate has “gotten away with a lot of things.”

The charged crowd at the rally joined in the chorus shouting “lock her up,” a popular phrase with Trump’s supporters who want Clinton’s prosecution. Also, Trump told Bloomberg during an interview at the oval office that he sees the Russia probe as an “illegal investigation.” However, some GOP members are taking a very reserved tone in castigating the Justice Department. They feel that a bloodbath at the AG’s office when we are barely weeks before the midterms could significantly damage their chances of retaining control of the House and the Senate.

There are some within the GOP that feel it’s time for Sessions to go. Source: Hurriyet Daily News

But there are some within the GOP that feel it’s time for Sessions to go. Lindsey Graham, Republican Senator from South Carolina, says that Trump’s relationship with Jeff Sessions is already beyond repair and that it wouldn’t make sense to keep him at the Justice Department for longer. It does seem though that the President is just holding off on any decision at the moment. Presumably, this is to avoid any ripple effects that may arise if he decides to move in on the Justice Department before the midterms.

During the Bloomberg interview, Trump categorically declined to state whether Sessions will be in charge of the Justice Department after the midterms. It’s very likely that if Trump has any plans to fire the AG, doing so after November would be the wiser move. The president was in Indiana drumming up support for GOP candidates in the state. Indiana is one of the states where Democrats are quite vulnerable, especially in the Senate race where incumbent Democrat Joe Donnelly will face off with GOP candidate Mike Braun. Republicans are facing a gruesome battle for the control of the Senate and the House.