President Donald Trump lectured critics and the media on civility after pipe bombs were intercepted by law enforcement. Source: BBC

President Donald Trump lectured critics and the media on civility after pipe bombs targeting high ranking Democrats were intercepted by law enforcement. Several of Trump’s biggest critics were targeted including the CNN offices in New York. Trump was speaking during a political rally in Wisconsin. The president took a rather unusual tone in normally supercharged rallies. Unlike in the past, he didn’t mention Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, or even Maxine Waters.

Trump has attacked all of them and the Democratic Party in general during all its campaigns over the last few months. But this time he said that the attempted attack on the high ranking Democrats was an attack on US democracy and added that his administration will do everything possible to bring those responsible to justice. The president also said that he wants Americans to come together in peace and harmony. As Trump delivered his remarks, the FBI was investigating another suspicious package addressed to Maxine Waters.

The president has repeatedly called the Democratic party a “violent mob.” Source: BBC

Trump has been on a collision course with Democrats since he took office in 2016. The president has repeatedly called the party a “violent mob” and has been blamed by some Democrats for the divisions seen in the US so far. Trump has also blamed the ongoing investigation on possible Russian collusion in the 2016 election on Democrats too. The President was in Wisconsin to drum up support for GOP Governor Scott Walker. Walker has held the position since 2011 and he is facing a tough battle to hold the office against Democrat Tony Evers.

Trump also lectured the media for “endless hostility” towards him. The president said that the media has the responsibility to help stop the hostility, negative attacks and oftentimes false stories about him. Trump blamed the press for the division in the country. He later confirmed this in a tweet where he wrote that a “big part of the anger seen in the US at the moment is caused by false media reporting.”

Some Democrats see Trump’s aggressive rhetoric as the main cause of this hate. Source: Post Gazette

Although some Trump supporters have expressed their concern over the toxicity of US politics, they have made it clear that Trump is not really to blame for this. However, some Democrats see Trump’s aggressive rhetoric as the main cause of this hate. They claim that the president has worked to discredit some media outlets among his supporters. The president has also taken a rather tough tone on Democrats and some of its leaders including the Clintons and former president Barack Obama.

The FBI is still looking into the packages containing the pipe bombs. There’s not much that has come out of the probe but recent reports have revealed that the Bureau has narrowed down the source to Florida.

The US is getting ready for what many analysts feel will be one of the most watched midterm elections in a while now. Republicans who hold a majority in Congress are facing off with a rejuvenated Democratic Party for control of the House. So far analysts think that Democrats are on course towards taking back the House.