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They say that there are two things that you can be sure in this world - death and taxes. In USA, every state is allowed to create its own tax laws. With that being said, you can be certain that some states have created weird ones or, at the very least, some surprising ones.

Confederate Veterans Tax (Alabama)

Having a tax for taking care of war veterans is something that's noble. Except, the last war that was under the Alabama's Veterans War tax was World War I which ended in 1918.
The funny thing is that the last veteran died years ago. This scenario just proves how persistent taxes can be once they are implemented. With the tax generating around $400,000 per year, where is the money going? According to the tax report, the funds are used to maintain the Confederate Memorial Park. With such a big budget, no wonder it’s one of the best kept in the entire North America.

No Sales Tax and No Income Tax (New Hampshire)

Most of the states in the country balance the income tax and sales tax. If the sales tax is high, then the income tax is low. On the other hand, if the income tax is high, the sales tax is low. This is the reason why New Hampshire's no income tax and no sales tax policy is an oddity.

Keep in mind that taxes are used to generate money for the state, so where does New Hampshire get its funds? Well, the dividends and interests are taxed moderately. More importantly, the property taxes are hefty. In fact, New Hampshire has the third highest property tax in the United States.

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Bachelor Tax (Missouri)

If you live in Missouri, unmarried, and in between the ages of 21 and 50, you have to be comfortable with the idea of being taxed higher compared to your married peers.
Here's the funny part - the tax is set at $1 per year. The number is so low because the tax law dates back to 1820. At that time, the value of a dollar was equal to approximately $20 today.

Charity Meat Tax Deduction (South Carolina)

Most people are aware that when you donate, you may be qualified for tax deductions. For example, if you donate used clothing to Goodwill, you will enjoy tax deductions equal to the market value of the things you gave away.

South Carolina pushes the envelope with its charity meat tax deduction. This tax law means that you can enjoy a $50 tax deduction if you choose to process a deer carcass and then donate it to a charity.

Exceptional Tree Deduction (Hawaii)

Hawaii is well-known for its breathtaking sceneries and natural beauty. The state really knows how to play its strength to the point that they offer a $3,000 tax deduction if you maintain an "exceptional tree."

So, what's an exceptional tree? According to Hawaii's tax law, it can be a grove or a tree that has cultural and historical value. On the downside, you need to get the approval from a designated committee before your tree can be considered "exceptional."