The defiant girl statue in Wall Street was put up as a reminder of the gender disparity in the Street. It was also installed in honor of the International Women’s Day.

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Wall Street’s famous icon earned a new companion.

The bronze bull statue in Wall Street was installed December of 1989. Today, it is being joined by the defiant girl statue which has just arrived and set in place Tuesday morning. The animal, which was officially named as ‘Charging Bull,’ represented the optimism and prosperity of bull markets. However, its new neighbor was installed to seek the attention of the people and as a call for help because of Wall Street’s glaring injustice.

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According to reports, the statue will accompany the Charging Bull for a month. The statue’s sponsor, State Street Global Advisors, released a statement which said: “The girl statue is intended to represent the many women who are in leadership positions all around the world. It is also to call the attention of everyone as Wall Street has an existing female-male disparity in leadership.”

The latest installation was intentionally done before March 8th, when International Women’s Day is celebrated. SSGA will also celebrate the anniversary of its exchange-traded fund that only holds corporations run by women. ‘She’, the defiant girl statue’s name, is the fund’s ticker symbol and was designed by a Delaware-based sculptor, Kristen Visbal. Visbal left her career in hotel marketing and sales in Washington, D.C. to be able to secure a place in the art world.

‘She’ can be viewed by everyone at the Bowling Green Park which is just a few steps away from NYSE and the American Finance museum. Underneath a drizzle, tourists and passersby snapped thousands of photos with the newcomer. Lots of them said that they were astonished by the statue and that ‘She’ invokes both emotion and action. One man in his early 20s said that he worked in Wall Street and thinks that the statue is ‘cool.’ You can witness the statue in person as it will stay in its place for an entire month.