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While President Trump is threatening to pull out the United States from the Paris accord, Europe and China are taking the lead in forging ahead in the accord.

As of the moment, Trump is making the world wait for his decision. Conversely, China is pledging to stay on course when it comes to the implementation of the Paris accord Keep in mind that China is currently the world's biggest emitter of carbon. According to Premier Li Keqiang, it's in China's best interest to make the pledge and they are urging other countries to do the same.

Keqiang added that China will continue to pursue the Paris accord and move toward achieving the 2030 goal.

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At the moment, China is investing billions in developing and implementing clean energy infrastructures. It's also an attempt to clear out the pollution that is slowly choking the citizens of China's biggest cities, including Beijing.

The United States and China are two of the world's biggest carbon emitters, with both countries pumping out almost 40% of the world's carbon emission. Experts have warned that both countries should stay on course with the Paris accord for the sake of humanity’s continual survival.

Other eastern behemoths are also jumping on the bandwagon. Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India, stated that failing to act to the relation of the climate change problem is a crime against morality.

Last week, Trump raised multiple global alarms as he refused to pledge during the G7's annual meeting, which was held in Italy.

As media reports continue to swirl around Trump's decision, international allies of the U.S. and also domestic opponents of Trump have already started to lash out at the U.S. President.

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Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission President, stated that if Trump will pull out the US from the Paris accord, it will be his responsibility to tell the United States that it's not acceptable. Juncker also added that they are not just concerned about the European people. Rather, they are concerned about the future of all the humans on the planet.

Jean-Claude Juncker added that the pulling out of the U.S. from the Paris accord would take three to four years. This had been previously mentioned to Trump during the G7 summit.

The Paris accord commits countries to make a pledge in reducing the greenhouse effect, which is blamed for the violent weather conditions, rising sea levels, and the melting of glaciers and ice caps.

Specifically, the Paris accord is a pact that requires every participant to take steps in order to help reduce the Earth's temperature and hold the rising temperature to 1.5 degrees above the pre-industrial temperatures.

Since taking office, Trump has repeatedly claimed that climate change is just a "hoax." One of the reasons why Trump wants to pull out is because he made a promise to the coal miners of the Midwest states that he would cancel the participation of the United States in the accord. These were the statements made that allowed Trump to win the election.