After unveiling the latest initiative it's taken earlier this month, the social media giant, Facebook, will make its new video streaming service available to almost all of the network's users who are living in the US. This is expected to happen in a couple of days.

Facebook Watch will be free, though some videos will contain ads. Source: Gizmodo

Facebook Watch, which is also called Facebook TV by the users, allows you to watch original videos produced by Facebook itself as well as other shows.

The CEO and founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, announced on his FB page that this new streaming service of the company will soon be released for everyone's use.

Facebook Watch works just like Netflix as it's also a video hub for movies and series. In a way, Watch is quite similar to traditional TV as its shows will be given their own schedules. Just like traditional television, you will be able to enjoy shows that are added week after week at a specific time and day.

According to Facebook, Watch will be free to use. However, there will be shows that will contain advertisements.

Facebook Watch will have a weekly schedule of videos. Source: Make Use Of

Facebook Watch: What to Expect

Facebook Watch will feature entertainment, cooking, sports, reality, and news programs. There will be shows that will be broadcasted live as well as recorded ones. Facebook plans to have at least 100 shows available. Then, it will add thousands of programs and shows later on.

On Facebook Watch, you will be able to watch a game of Major League Baseball once a week. Companies such as Mashable, A&E, NASA, National Geographic, and National Public Radio will also have their shows featured in Facebook Watch.

To give you an example of what you can watch on Facebook Watch, a show that's called “Returning the Favor” hosted by Mike Rowe will be aired through the video hub. Rowe will visit towns where the people are in the process of doing or making extraordinary things. In return, he will also do extraordinary things for these people.

If you know people doing extraordinary things and you want them to be included in the show, you can post on Mike Rowe’s Facebook page.

Facebook Watch will have fan groups to allow users to interact with each other. Source: TechCrunch

Facebook Watch: The Social Video Streaming Service

Unlike traditional TV and other streaming media outlets, Facebook Watch will be equipped with social features which will help users connect with each other. According to Mark Zuckerberg, Watch is where people can share their experience about a particular show. It'll also bring people together, especially those who are passionate about particular things.

As they watch on the video streaming service, users can add comments and reactions. They can also discuss the shows that they are watching as they are broadcasted.

The shows that will be on Facebook Watch have fan groups which users can join. If you belong to a group, you will be able to share your thoughts and connect to those who have watched the same show.

Facebook also added a Discover section to help you find shows that will interest you.