The smart glasses come with many sensors built on the front. Source: Mashable

Magic Leap has finally unveiled its highly anticipated smart glasses. The headset will be called the Magic Leap One Creator Edition and will feature Lightwear glasses amongst other components. The glasses come with many sensors strategically built on the front which are connected to a computing pack and a battery via a wire. The computing pack can be worn on the belt.

Magic Leap has also created a wireless controller to be used as input. The company has confirmed that it will start shipping the product next year. The startup has also said that the product is still under development so it might be a little different at the time of shipping.

The smart glasses have a number of great selling points that are worth noting. The first thing is the overall application. Magic Leap says that the glasses can be used for web browsing, online shopping, and also telepresence.

The glasses can be used for browsing the internet, shopping, and many more applications. Source: Business Insider

The entertainment and gaming capabilities are also impeccable. The glasses are expected to provide a whole new gaming experience. The gaming industry is a big market for these glasses but there is a lot of competition from other major companies. However, Magic Leap is confident that its product is far more superior and it has the ability to deliver a unique user experience for gamers.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, CEO Rony Abovitz called the product a massive breakthrough. But it hasn’t been an easy journey for the company. Research and development have already cost a fortune. It also took 6 years for the company to develop this headset.

It’s not yet clear what the price of these glasses will be. However, inside sources indicate that the entire set could cost somewhere between $1,000 and $1,500.

The expected retail price for the glasses is between $1,000 and $1,500. Source: Reality News

Magic Leap was established in 2011. Unlike many tech startups that are based in San Francisco, CA, Magic Leap is based in Florida. Since 2011, the startup has raised $1.9 billion from investors.

A significant part of this investment has been used to develop the new mixed reality glasses. The startup has also retained its deep-pocket investors. A number of notable companies have invested money in Magic Leap including search engine giant Google and Chinese e-commerce platform Alibaba.

The startup is confident that the new headset will revolutionize how people interact with computers. Once the technology rolls out in 2018, a lot of people will be curious to see how it works and the kind of experience it will offer.

The development of these glasses has been quite mysterious. Although concepts of mixed reality have been released by the company over the last few years, this is the first time that Magic Leap is presenting a workable piece of technology. The company is currently valued at $6 billion and it will not be a surprise if the valuation shoots up once the new product is released.