A rise in price may have affected the sales for iPhones. Source: LiveMint

Apple is getting ready to release three new iPhone models this year, one of which will be the largest iPhone ever. Apple is also expected to offer customers a cheaper version of the iPhone X. The phone will still have some of the key features found on the iPhone X. The new designs are in line with the growing demand for “phablets” in the market. Apple will also be targeting the low-end market with the cheaper model.

Reports so far indicate that production tests on the new devices are already underway. Apple is expected to reveal the new models this fall although the initial plan could still change. The launch of three new smartphone models comes after a low performance by the iPhone X. The phone was dubbed as the smartphone of the future when it came out but sales haven’t been as good as Apple expected.

Total iPhone sales for the last quarter of 2017 were also slightly lower than analysts’ projections. Apple revealed that it had sold little over 77 million iPhones during the quarter while the projected estimate was 80 million.

As the demographic grows older, the demand for larger screens becomes more present. Source: Mercury News

The iPhone X seems to have turned away consumers because of a number of reasons, with the main one being the $999 price tag. Although the futuristic features of the smartphone were very attractive, not many people were ready to part with such a huge asking price.

It’s clear that Apple has now learned its lesson. The launch of a cheaper version of the iPhone X will surely appeal to many more customers. This is in line with the company’s recent strategy to offer an iPhone model for everyone.

The bigger iPhone will also be an attractive option. Analysts believe that many consumers will line up to get an upgrade for the bigger screen. This will likely have a positive effect on Apple’s iPhone sales this year. But much of this growth is expected to come from Asia where the market for big smartphones has always been huge.

A tablet with resolution as sharp as an iPhone. Source: Daily Mail

Business users might also find the big screen very attractive. A bigger smartphone screen offers some level of convenience for business-related tasks such as writing emails and managing spreadsheets. Analysts feel that the new 6.5-inch display will be a more attractive option for business consumers compared to other models in the market.

We’re not sure if Apple has decided on a name yet but so far the code name is D33. A development insider told us that the D33 will have a 1242 x 2688 resolution. This is as sharp as the iPhone X’s 5.8-inch display.

A Face ID scanner will also be featured. The company is planning a gold color option for the big iPhone, but rumor has it that it may decide not to proceed with it in the end. Details about this are still unclear but we will soon have a clear picture of what the company is up to.