Apple’s 2018 WWDC will start June 4th. Source: Computer World

Apple’s annual developer conference referred to as the WWDC will kick off on June 4th. The event is used by the company to announce new versions of the iOS for iPhones and iPads and new versions of its Apple TV, Mac, and Apple Watch software.

Last year, Apple unveiled the iOS 11 and the macOS High Sierra in the conference. This year, it’s expected that a new version of the macOS and an all-new iOS 12 will be unveiled. However, we will have to wait a few more months before we can see an Apple device running on these latest operating systems. Usually, software upgrades announced during this conference are implemented on devices releases in October. We don’t think this will change this year.

Although traditionally the WWDC has been used to unveil new software upgrades, Apple has in the past used the platform to present new hardware too. In 2017, for example, in addition to all the software announcements, Apple also used the event to announce its 10.5-inch iPad.

Apple is expected to announce new hardware at this year’s event. Source: CNBC

The WWDC conference provides detailed information on Apple’s upcoming releases. Apple is expected to announce new hardware in this year’s event. The new smart HomePod speaker and the iMac Pro are some of the devices that we think the company will release this year. We are also looking forward to a software upgrade for the Apple Watch after its stellar sales performance last year.

Apple has always used the WWDC event to introduce developers to its new software. The aim is to give them firsthand knowledge on the iOS on Apple devices so that they can develop apps that work with the new operating systems. This year’s event will still be held in San Jose and it’s expected to host 5,000 participants.

Rumors have already started and people are trying to guess what will be unveiled. Source: First Post

The conference is months away though but rumors have already started and people are trying to guess what will be unveiled. There’s a consensus among speculators that we will get an iOS 12 reveal and an upgrade to the Apple Watch software. However, some people are betting that the conference could provide the ideal platform for Apple to release a new and cheaper version of the iPhone X.

Although it’s a stretch, it won’t be a surprise if Apple decides to do this. Some reports are also indicating that Apple could reveal a new redesigned version of the iMac Pro. This is something that most Apple customers have looking forward to for a number of months already. Whether June will be the month when Apple finally delivers remains to be seen.

Despite all these speculations, one thing that’s clear is that the WWDC conference is an integral part of Apple’s business. So far, the conference has been a platform for innovation and creativity. Apple says that the event will last for four days between June 4th and June 8th. For developers interested in the upcoming Apple iOS, it’s an event that should be attended.