The iPhone may have some promising new features this year. Source: NY Times

It’s that time of the year again when Apple reveals its brand new devices. The new devices will, of course, come with added new features and with the buzz going around about what they can offer, it’s so easy to get tempted and ditch your existing phone for a new one. And it’s not only Apple that’s coming through with new offerings. Samsung, for instance, has started selling its new Galaxy Note 9 for $1,000. This is yet another device out there that could get you salivating. Its luxurious design with an extra-large screen should be appealing for anyone. The phone can also be converted into a personal computer if it’s connected to a display.

Apple will introduce three new models on September 12. Some models will have a bigger screen while others could have dual-SIM capabilities for the very first time. In addition to this, the American company will also be trying out a new low-end model. Apple has always produced high-end expensive phones. The entry-level iPhone could start at $749 but the other models will cost more than that. The 5.8-inch screen iPhone X, for instance, is expected to go for $949 while the 6.5-inch option may cost $1,049.

Prices never quite go down, but this model could have some cost-effective features. Source: Time Traveller Wiki

The cost of buying a new iPhone is on the rise. Just a few years ago, Apple was offering its low-end option for about $649 with the high-end ones selling at $749. This trend is expected to continue in the near and long-term future. As people continue to demand bigger, high-quality screens on their devices, the cost of producing such phones will rise and this will be passed on to the buyer.

So, what if you want to upgrade without having to cough out these big amounts of money for a new iPhone? Well, there are ways you can do this.

First, you can trade in your old iPhone. Wireless carriers and retailers have expanded trade-in options for people with older models. This will allow you to save quite some money when purchasing a new upgraded device. Apple also has a trade-in program called Apple GiveBack. In case trade-ins are not available to you, you can still sell your older model directly to another buyer to raise money for a new one. In fact, there are plenty of sites like eBay and Swappa that can help you find potential buyers. Selling directly to the consumer will get you more money compared to the average trade-in.

Of course, planned obselesance can also be a nuisance. Source: Express

If all these things don’t work or maybe they are too troublesome for you, you can wait until the next time. There’s no rush to upgrade unless of course your phone is spoilt or broken. High-quality smartphones can last for a long time and regular maintenance will ensure they maintain optimal efficiency. If your phone is still able to function effectively in line with your needs, then an upgrade is not necessary. You can skip it and save yourself a lot of money. Besides, as the cost of the new phones rises, it may be wise to hold on to your older model.