Samsung just released its first foldable smartphone. Source: CNET

The idea of a foldable phone has been here for some years now. Phone makers have come up with many different prototypes during this time. After increased tests, it looks like the first batch of foldable smartphones is ready to ship. Samsung just kicked off its S10 event last week and the Galaxy Fold was one of the headliners. But so far no one really knows what these foldable phones are about. People who were lucky enough to attend the Samsung event could only get a sneak preview.

The phones were neatly tucked in glass casings. You couldn’t remove them and open to see how everything works. You just had to be satisfied with the look. The Galaxy Fold is actually scheduled for release in two months. Perhaps Samsung wants to build up the suspense before the device is launched. Some people have also argued that maybe the Korean giant has a lot to offer and it’s looking to surprise the world with its first foldable phone.

Companies are investing in foldable phones for years now. Source: Facts Chronicle

Regardless of the reason, it’s clear that a foldable smartphone has been on the cards for years and there will be many people looking forward with anticipation just to see how it will look like. Samsung is not the only company though that has plans to release a foldable smartphone in the market. The Mate X from Huawei is also scheduled to hit shelves this year. Just like the Galaxy Fold, there’s very little that we know so far about the Mate X. The Chinese phone maker has gone out of its way to limit any official information about the device. There have also been very little interactions between the device and members of the public.

A lot of experts seem to agree that these foldable devices won’t be cheap too. Although there are no official pricing numbers, there are reports that the foldable phones will retail for more than $1,500. The Samsung device is pegged at little under $2,000 according to reports while the Huawei Mate X may go as high as $2,600. It’s understandable though why the price tag is a little steep compared to the average smartphone. These are all pioneering products. Eventually, the price will come down as more manufacturers step into the market. In fact, TLC has confirmed that it’s developing a more affordable foldable smartphone that will be ready in 2020.

The price tag for foldable phones is a little steep. Source: The Verge

Building a foldable phone is not easy. For decades the traditional smartphone has been flat. Even with that seemingly simple design, manufacturers have worked over the years to offer sleeker phones. It will be interesting to see how they will work out the design attributes of a foldable phone. In addition to this, how will people respond to this? It’s clear that a lot of smartphone users want bigger screens on their phones. The foldable design is actually expected to deliver these big displays. But how does that affect the phone’s usability? These are all genuine questions that are yet to be answered but we are looking forward to the first batch of foldable devices.