The tire could also be used as propeller. Source: Futurism

We have seen flying cars in science fiction movies only so far but it’s not something inconceivable. In fact, Goodyear, one of the leading tire makers in the world, is getting ready for a future with flying cars. The company confirmed that it’s finalizing the design of an airless tire dubbed the “Goodyear Aero.” The tire can be used on a standard car but it can also double up as a propeller which could make the car fly.

Goodyear says that the tire will feature bladed spokes that act as a fan. This makes it possible for the wheels to flip upwards propelling the car into the air as a result. The airless tire is, however, just a concept at the moment. Goodyear doesn’t even have immediate plans to develop it. The company says that it hopes this design could spark debate about advanced and innovative transportation options in the future.

The tires are just a concept for now. Source: The Driven

A lot of mobility companies feel that the sky has never been fully explored as a medium for transport. With the increasing challenges of urban transport and congestion in public transport systems, it may be a good time to start developing solutions that could revolutionize how we travel on air. Despite this, a lot of aviation experts have already expressed their doubts over Goodyear’s tire design. They argue that the propeller-tire design is not enough to meet the braking needs of the car and still spin fast enough to generate enough force to lift the car in the air.

However, there could be additional design details as we move forward. Goodyear has, in fact, said that this is just the beginning. More could still come in the years ahead. However, there are still some parts of the Aero tire design that are already available in modern cars. For example, Goodyear says that it will use optical sensing and AI to check the condition of the tires. The AI will also be able to communicate with other cars and the infrastructure around in an effort to reduce the risk of accidents. There are some cars today that already have these capabilities. In addition to this, some tires too have air pressure sensors fitted on them. The sensors inform drivers about low pressure and blow outs on a real-time basis.

The Goodyear Aero is probably the most futuristic tire design ever unveiled. Source: MediaPost

The Goodyear Aero was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show. It’s not the first time though that the company has unveiled a moonshot idea at the show. Historically, this has been the preferred venue for new releases and new ideas for Goodyear. In 2016, for instance, the company also unveiled concepts for new spherical tires that allowed a car to move in any direction. In the 2018 show, Goodyear also had a new idea at the event featuring moss field tires. The company said that these tires could actually strip carbon dioxide from the air which would in turn help cities manage their carbon footprint. Despite this, the Goodyear Aero is probably one of the most futuristic designs ever unveiled. Whether it will come true or not is a different story.