It goes by the name of “Project Cognac”. Source: Business of Apps

Snapchat is expected to launch a gaming platform on its social media app. The company wants to have the platform up and running by the end of next month. The project has been codenamed “Project Cognac” but we still don’t know much about it. However, some reports indicate that it will actually feature externally developed games designed to work inside the Snapchat app. It looks similar to the new gaming tab that was unveiled on Facebook just recently. The tab allows people to play instant games through the Facebook app and even stream eSports live.

It’s also rumored that Google is going to make a big announcement on gaming at this year’s GDC conference slated to take place next month. Tech experts think that Google will offer gaming integration into its platforms and devices. The move by Snapchat comes at a very interesting time too. The social media app has been struggling to attract new users even though revenue has remained relatively steady. For example, last quarter revenue was up 36% despite a worrying decline in the number of new users.

Snapchat has been struggling to attract new users. Source: Engadget

Introducing gaming into the app could have a massive impact on user growth in the long run. Snapchat is also getting a lot of backing from Tencent, the largest gaming company in the world. Just last year, Tencent, which is also an investor in Snapchat, said that it was seeking to collaborate with the social media platform in developing games. Tencent’s mobile gaming revenue has declined in recent months. The company sees the idea of using Snapchat to popularize some of its major games as a big plus in its efforts to revive revenue growth in the near term.

In addition to this, gaming regulations in China where Tencent is based have become stricter. The company is looking to explore new markets overseas and Snapchat could offer an invaluable entry into these regions. Snapchat has also acquired a number of companies in the gaming industry in an effort to get ready for next month’s launch. The social media platform announced a few weeks ago that it had acquired Prettygreat, a popular Australian-based gaming company. Snapchat also acquired PlayCanvas, a web-based game engine. The two companies are expected to lay down the foundation for the social media company as it ventures into mobile gaming.

The company has bought a number of gaming companies recently. Source: Daily Mail

Nonetheless, the nature of the content to be featured is still unknown. However, Snapchat is expected to offer additional detailed information on the gaming platform during its first-ever developer’s conference. The event is planned to take place in Los Angeles on April 4th.

Mobile gaming has become a very popular concept in social media. Whether this will have any impact on Snapchat’s efforts to compete with the other major social media companies remains to be seen. But many experts argue that the gaming platform will definitely add value, especially in retaining existing users. The platform will also help the social media company maintain steady revenue over the coming few months.