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Deepfake technology has blurred the line between reality and fabrication. It allows the creation of artificially manipulated representations sometimes indistinguishable from the real things! A deepfake can be created in as little as two hours, misrepresenting individuals and spreading misinformation effortlessly.

The use of deepfakes by malicious actors has seen an alarming increase of over 1000% in the last year. The numbers show that the threat exists, and we need to know how to avoid it and how to fight it.

A Thousand-Fold Increase

A notable rise in deepfake-related crimes has been observed globally. The U.S. alone has seen a 1200% increase in deepfake-related fraud in the last year. Similar trends occurred in countries like Canada, Germany, and the UK.

Experts warn that this is just the tip of the iceberg. As artificial intelligence (AI), AI-generated data training systems, and machine learning, in general, continue to evolve, the scope for deepfake fraud will get higher and higher.

  • Michael Roberts, a professional investigator, emphasizes the challenge that law enforcement faces in tackling online fraud.
  • Alan Ikoev, CEO of Fame Flow, stresses the importance of skepticism when interacting with online content.


Deepfakes are a real threat, and they also have real implications.

The Potential Implications of deepfakes

As deepfake impersonations are highly convincing, cybercriminals use them to defraud, blackmail, and scam victims across various media platforms, leading to emotional and financial devastation. And how to fight it?

Nikita Sherbina, CEO of AIScreen, suggests using advanced AI-based systems for constant monitoring and analyzing communication patterns.

It is also crucial for individuals to verify identities in suspicious interactions and avoid using personal or predictable information. That is the only way to navigate the digital landscape safely.

The World Needs To Stay Vigilant

While deepfakes pose a significant threat, remember that technology, on the other hand, can be harnessed for protection and prevention. As we continue to push the boundaries of technology, it is paramount that we stay vigilant, prepared, and skeptical. Digital is the world's new reality, and learning to navigate it safely is the key to weathering the deepfake storm.