Athlete using virtual reality goggles

San Francisco, ever at the forefront of technological innovation, is now home to the world's first Virtual Reality Gym and arrived at the cutting edge of fitness. The VR space is an extraordinary venture that leads us to think about the future of how people do gymnastics.

Will it work for real? Although revolutionary, the effectiveness of this unique fitness training method is not yet measurable. Read more!

An Unusual Workout Space

Heavy on holograms and virtual landscapes, the VR Gym transports people to a whole new world that isn't constrained by the physical world and represents a sharp departure from the traditional gym equipment and routines everybody has become accustomed to.

The Shortcomings Of The Experience

It is important for you to know that the experience of training in that "place" has its shortcomings, such as bulky VR headsets, the absence of personal touch, technical glitches, and the lack of social interaction.

  • The bulky VR headsets become uncomfortable fairly quickly, posing a challenge for prolonged workout sessions.
  • The absence of a personal touch with virtual trainers lacks the human element.
  • Technical glitches make the virtual reality experience far from seamless, and the tracking system fails to accurately capture movements, disrupting the workout flow.
  • There is an obvious lack of social interaction, despite advanced technology, as VR fails to replicate the sense of being part of a group working towards a common goal.


As you see, the concept is still in its infancy.

The idea of a VR Gym holds promise, but the current execution does not represent the future of fitness yet. It lacks the comfort, flexibility, and social interaction crucial to any fitness routine, showing that humanity is still some way off from replacing experiences as personal and varied as fitness.