Different colored gasoline nozzles

Believe it or not, a 25-year-old Detroit man has used Bluetooth technology to fraudulently acquire nearly 800 gallons of fuel from a local Shell station. This act was just one of many scams that can cause significant predicaments for fuel station proprietors. It is considered an unprecedented heist. Read more.

A Bluetooth-Enabled Scam

The scam put in action by the man involved the manipulation of a gas station's pump system using a Bluetooth connection, dispensing fuel without any cost, and extending the illegal privilege to other individuals.

The proprietor of the gas station revealed to FOX 2 that the perpetrator had stolen roughly 800 gallons of fuel and that the robbery cost an estimated $ 3,000.

Regardless of the staff's endeavors to halt the pump, they found themselves unable to prevent the illicit activity, requiring emergency shutdowns of the entire system.

The Identification Of The Suspect

The scam has happened under the watch of Detroit's Project “Green Light” but surveillance footage has provided little assistance in identifying the suspect – who is still at large.

And this high-tech scam is not an isolated incident but part of a worrying upward trend!

Other Similar Tricks In 2023

Other tricks similar to the scam at Detroit's Shell station occurred in other stations, such as distracting the clerk and manipulating the pump system.

The continuous occurrence of such scams has put station staff on high alert, making them wary of any unusual activity or prolonged loitering around the pumps.

Despite the limitations of their prevention efforts, station proprietors remain steadfast in their commitment to identify and apprehend those responsible for these sophisticated scams. On the other hand, all these audacious acts illuminate a worrying trend.