Front and side of a tesla cybertruck

You may already know that the Tesla Cybertruck has attracted significant attention since its unveiling in 2019. Now, as it becomes more accessible to consumers, real-life experiences are starting to come to light. And that is why this article was written.

Here, you will see more information about the Cybertruck's range, energy consumption, charging and insurance costs, as well as the overall driving experience, all based on the experiences of a user from the Cybertruck Owners Club forum, who has driven the all-wheel-drive unit over 10,000 miles.

To begin with a discrepancy between Tesla's advertising range and real-world range – maybe affected by driving style.

Real-World Range Versus Advertised Range

Tesla talks about a range of 320 miles for its Cybertruck, but the out-of-spec motoring's test drive achieved a total of 254 miles, which means 20% less than the claimed range. In the real world, the 10,000-mile Cybertruck reported a maximum range of 206 miles on a full charge, with 164 miles on an 80% charge.

Driving style might affect this range variation, with one driver admitting an aggressive approach, while the other demonstrated more conservative handling.

Energy Consumption And Charging

The energy consumption of Tesla's Cybertruck, a significant factor considering that the vehicle is electric, averaged 599 watt-hours/mile over 9,944 miles. With a conservative drive around town, the efficiency dropped to 290 Wh/mi. Highway drives could spike consumption to 900 Wh/mi.

Charging was primarily done at home (60%), then supplemented by "Supercharging" (30%) and destination charging (10%). However, the slow charging speeds at V2 Superchargers were a drawback, taking up to two hours to fully charge the battery.

What About The Insurance Costs?

Insurance costs for the Cybertruck stood at $ 465 with spotless driving records. This figure may vary, taking into consideration the driver's experience, and there are external and internal utilitarians that may impact the final cost: The pleasures and pitfalls of the car.

Pleasures And Pitfalls Of Tesla's Cybertruck

The sound system of the vehicle was praised as "beyond great" by people who used it in the real world. Also, the cooling seats, visibility, handling, acceleration, speed, and steer-by-wire system received commendations.

After all, the Cybertruck itself was described as a "dream to drive", but, as you can imagine by reading this article, still disappoints with its charge speeds and range.