For generations, interior designers have incorporated a floral pattern to rooms as it is the simplest way of making a statement. Decorating with floral patterns has been an obsession in the late Victorian era. It has evolved since that time, which is the reason why you now see sweeping trails of subtle sprigs and rambling roses adorned on windows, floorings, and walls.

Even today, the flower power is showing no signs of waning. You see new varieties of floral prints and patterns being used every season. It is known that country cottages are homes of anything floral. The problem now is how to use beautiful floral prints as designs in contemporary homes. To know the funky ways of using flower prints, keep on reading.

Take note that you should not hesitate when it comes to decorating your home. The reason why interior designers are excellent at what they do is because they make dramatic statements when designing home interiors. They do so by playing with patterns and colors. So, you must not be a wallflower. Whatever type or design of floral print you choose, being blowsy, brave, and bold will do the trick.

All-Over Wallpaper

Source: 2BP

If you want to have a stunning display of flowers, start by papering your entire room. Most homeowners opt to paper a single wall but you can have a more drastic effect by featuring floral prints that have a modern and vibrant design. Just remember to keep all your furniture and fixtures neutral so that the blooms will take the center stage.

Floral fabric upholstery

Upholster your kitchen chairs in floral fabrics. If what you want is something unique, use a mix of different patterns but make sure that they are similar in style so you can create a modern, relaxed vibe.

A mix of flowers and stripes

To achieve a dramatic entrance, contrast smart stripes with bright flowers in your hallway. Stick to one color palette for both so they hang together instead of a clash. It would be even better to choose a basic color palette.

Bespoke mural

Who said floral patterns have to be all nice and dainty? Play with the scale and you will see how stunning a room can be. You can do so by blowing up a picture of just a single bloom. This is the best way to make a one-off, dramatic statement.

Statement blinds

Do you have a dramatic floral fabric that is just lying around? Turn it into striking blinds! By doing so, you will be creating a beautiful and edgy floral-inspired focal point. For contemporary styling, use large eyelets.

Graphic flooring

Source: Alicdn

Most homeowners confine flower prints to walls. A bold floral flooring is a fabulous style statement. It can even give you a sense of individuality, which is surely something that every homeowner wants.

The above-mentioned are just some of the modern ways of incorporating floral patterns to your home. Make a statement using floral patterns and you’ll surely impress your guests with your creativity!