The feature is supposed to increase transparency. Source: Engadget

Facebook has announced that it will add a new feature to News Feeds that will be known as “Why am I seeing this post?” The feature will be similar to “Why am I seeing this ad?” that has appeared next to ads since 2014. The new tool will have a drop-down menu that will give you more information about why the post appeared on your News Feed. In addition to this, there will be links to personalization and security controls.

The social media company says that the new feature is designed to increase transparency on how Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm works. It’s the latest in a series of changes on the platform geared towards credibility and integrity. After all, the social media company has come up short on a number of issues. Just recently, Facebook was widely criticized for allowing a live shooting video in New Zealand mosques that killed dozens. The shooter broadcasted the shooting on Facebook Live but the company did nothing to stop it.

It’s supposed to make it easier for users to set their News Feed Preferences. Source: Tech the Lead

Facebook has also been sued by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development for violating the Fair Housing Act through its ad targeting tool. The social media company has also been accused for years of allowing its platform to be used for spreading misinformation and propaganda. But after these complaints, the company seems it has started to take some action.

This is the first time that Facebook will be giving users information about how it ranks posts on News Feed.

The “Why am I seeing this post” feature will enable you to know the following:

  • Why are you seeing the post in your News Fed – for example, is the post from a friend, a page you liked, or a group you joined or followed?
  • Users will also see the information that generally determines the order of posts in your feed. We are talking about things like how often you interact with a specific type of post, the popularity of the post based on how many people shared it, pages and groups that you follow, amongst other things.

The menu is also designed to give you a link to personalization controls that allow users to decide what they want to see on News Feed. Users will be able to get options such as Unfollow, See First, News Feed Preferences, and Privacy Shortcuts. Facebook says this is designed to make it easier for users to set their News Feed Preferences and exert more control on the kind of content they see.

The similar tool for ads will also get an upgrade. Source: TechCrunch

The social media company also noted that the “Why am I seeing this ad” feature, that was launched in 2014, will also get an upgrade. The company confirmed that more information will be added. But the “Why am I seeing this Post” tool will start rolling out soon. Global Facebook users should be able to use it in a few weeks. Facebook is working hard to restore user confidence after a series of data scandals over the past 12 months. So far, it seems Facebook is doing a great job.